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Our system administrator will make sure your system is connected properly, your software runs smoothly, and all your peripherals work together. We will design your network so everything works efficiently together, set up accounts for your new employees, remove the accounts of departed ones and help log on those who have forgotten their passwords. We will help you plan and monitor your system security, regularly backup your files, keep your email flowing, and your systems ready for your employees.

Support & Maintenance Plans

Support & Maintenance Plan customers receive deep discounts for all system administration support time. Our hourly rate is $80 per hour. Support Plan customer pay from $40 p/h to $60 p/h dependong on the plan chosen. (Our prices do not include the cost of tech support from a third party such as a software vendor)

Our System Administration services are performed 24X7. (Coverage outside standard business hours limited to emergency trouble-shooting or pre-scheduled installations/maintenance. This includes scheduled data migrations as well as scheduled software installations.)

reddot up to 2 HRS per month $120 per month ($160 value)
reddot up to 4 HRS per month $200 per month ($320 value)
reddot up to 6 HRS per month $240 per month ($480 value)

System Administration Services

  • System Configuration
  • Operating System upgrades
  • Operating system trouble-shooting
  • Software installation and configuration
  • Supported software upgrades
  • Service Patch updates
  • Mail Server configuration, and operations
    • Add/delete users
    • Email forwarding
    • Autoresponders
    • Email lists
  • Web Server
    • Add domains
    • Password protection
    • Domain name service
  • FTP Server
    • Access Restriction/Permissions
    • Add/delete users
    • Monitor security

Software installation and configuration

We will help you analyze your software needs, install, train and support software we recommend and install. (Configuration instructions must be provided by client. Support for software that we do not install may be arranged prior to the start of your maintenance plan.).

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Operating System Troubleshooting

System administration troubleshooting includes log file rotation and analysis, problems with Perl scripts, custom CGI as well as Web and database integration.

Email and Phone Consultation

For onsite system adminstrators and network administrators, email and phone support is available to help you trouble-shoot canterous system/network problems. Contact Rob at support@bizgrok.com or 860-373-0249.

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