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D O M A I N   E M A I L

Domain email completes your professional image on the web and with your business contacts and customers. With domain email, you gain a permanent address for your business regardless of your Internet service provider, your email or web host. As long as you own your domain, your email address can follow your growth from service to service or coast to coast.

Whether or not you currently have a web site, your business or organization can benefit from establishing domain email and by using it on your business cards, letterhead as well as print, radio, televised or other advertising. Domain email is one way to establish your Internet identity, even if you are not ready for a web site.

By default, email addresses hosted on our servers benefit from conservative but comprehensive spam blocking configuration that rejects the vast majority of spam before it reaches our customers' mailboxes. Our goal is to block as much spam and other bad traffic as possible without blocking the legitimate email that you want to receive. Of course, this service is optional and will be turned off on request. Also please note that although Microsoft's Hotmail service originates a significant percentage of the spam traffic to our servers, without any apparent sense of responsibility or shame, we don't block them because most of our customers do want to receive email from legitimate users of hotmail.com. If you prefer to block all email from hotmail.com, though, we are happy to do so for your account.

Extra Spam Quarantine Service

Although we automatically reject over 90% of the spam that reaches our servers, some customers have asked for a different approach to fighting spam. We've added a new servcie: "Extra Spam Quarantine Service" at $10/month. This will cover up to five email addresses in a domain, with additional email at $2/each/month.

Email Redirection

Even if Bizgrok is not your current ISP or web hosting company, Bizgrok can provide you with domain email and domain name services. Bizgrok can redirected to your domain email to any email account you currently have. If you should decide to change to a different ISP, your domain email redirection can be adjusted to your new ISP email account, or, you can opt for an email box through Bizgrok.

  1. Advertise your own business instead of your ISP or email provider
  2. Your email address (and your email identity) stays constant, even if you change your ISP, or email or web hosting provider
  3. Your domain email will be automatically redirected to your existing email account

Contact Us

For more information, please contact us sales@bizgrok.com or call us at 860-373-0249.

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