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Bizgrok Training

Tired of Spending Your Time & Money on Training
that Your Employees Don't Use?

We will create customized training for you and your staff. We train in small classes of three (3) to five (5) students per instructor. We customize the training materials to your employees skill and knowledge levels.

Our trainers have years of experience and use their knowledge of adult learning theory to enhance the effectiveness of all training and workshops. See our current list of courses below. To talk about your training needs, contact us at sales@bizgrok.com, or call us at 860-373-0249.

Using Your MS Office Software Efficiently & Effectively
Windows™ Standards, Navigation, Setting Defaults, Using Office Products Together 2 HRS; 1 Session
Word Processing with Microsoft Word™
Word™ 1 for New Users 4 HRS; 2 Sessions
Word™ 2 for Beginners-A 3 HRS; 1-2 Sessions
Word™ 3 for Beginners-B 3 HRS; 1-2 Sessions
Word™ 4 for Intermediate Users 4 HRS; 2 Sessions
Word™ 5 for Advanced Users 4 HRS; 2 Sessions
Word™ 6 for Power Users 4 HRS; 2 Sessions
Professional Writing Skills
(Pre-requisites: Word or Word Perfect skills recommended, Minimum one session of Foundation Skills required)
Foundation Skills: Grammar & Punctuation 3 HRS; 3 Sessions
Writing for Business 1: Memos, Letters & Email & Collection Letters 3 HRS; 2 Sessions
Writing for Business 2: Reports, Proposals & Presentations 2 HRS; 2 Sessions
Technical Writing
Creating Employee Handbooks, Instructions, Directions, & Editing Technical Reports 3 HRS; 2 Sessions
Running Meetings for Fun or
How to Keep a Meeting Short, to the Point & Accomplish Your Goals
1 HR; 1 Session
Microsoft Publisher™
(Pre-requisites: Minimum one hour of Fundamentals required for new users prior to attending advanced courses)
Publisher for Beginners - Fundamentals 2 HRS; 1 Session
Create Professional Newsletters Using Publisher 4 HRS; 2 Sessions
Create Professional Brochures Using Publisher 4 HRS; 2 Sessions
Using Microsoft PowerPoint™
Creating Presentations for New Users 6 HRS; 3 Sessions
Creating Presentations for Advanced Word or Publisher Users 4 HRS; 2 Sessions

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Tutoring often helps those who have trouble learning in a group, or with specific goals, or who cannot dedicate large blocks of time for training. We offer one-to-one tutoring for the specific software mentioned above. In addition, we can create training for you or your staff to meet your special needs or for a sotware not mentioned above. Tutoring prices range from $50 to $100 per hour depending on the length of the contract and subject area.

Advanced Technical Topics

Contact us to arrange customized advanced-level training or coaching for technical topics such as:

  • TCP/IP Network Admin
  • DNS
FreshBooks online invoicing & accounting

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