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Intranets by Bizgrok

  • Is your staff growing?
  • Do you spend too much time answering questions about company policy, and benefits?
  • Is someone always asking, "Where are the order forms, or who knows the phone number for our vendors?"
  • Could staff save time, and travel expenses by working from home some of the time?
  • Do you have employees working from remote locations?
  • Could you boost recruitment by offering flexible schedules or working remotely?

If your answer is yes to any of these questions,
it may be time to investigate building a private and secure intranet for your company or organization.

Why Build an Intranet Site?

Almost every organization has that certain employee who has all the answers, knows the agency history, where to find everything in the files, can tell you how to get to important places, and knows all the best contacts. While this sort of valuable employee will never be replaced by technology - the type of information that helps make them valuable can be more widely available to your general staff via your secure intranet.

Bizgrok makes building an Intranet affordable for your small business!

An intranet site can be one of your organization most valuable tools - even for the employee mentioned above. Consider This - Having: one place, available to everyone, from any place, at any time, to find:

  • Staff Contact Information
  • Organizational Contacts
  • Approved Vendor Information
  • Sales Information
  • Scheduling/Coverage
  • Alerts & News
  • Office Forms
  • Polices & Procedures
  • Event Calendar
  • Discussion group (staffing)
  • Professional Articles/Newsletters
  • Training Opportunities or Documents
  • Help Desk trouble-shooting and "How-to" Tip Sheets
  • Personnel Information
  • Employment Opportunities
  • Employee Bulletin Board
  • Special Programs or Memberships available to your staff
  • By-Laws
  • Board of Director Meeting Minutes & Agendas

Bizgrok Inc

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Find the Right Company to Build Your Intranet

Like any enterprise your organization undertakes, you will want to have confidence and trust in the people and company you chose for your Intranet site development. Bizgrok possesses the credentials and experience in Web Design & Development, Organizational Management, Help Desk & Support Technology needed to develop your site. Bizgrok is uniquely qualified to assist non-profit social service agencies with the planning and execution of this type of site. Our staff has over 25 years of experience in social services provision and direct management.

Where to Begin?

Once you've made the commitment to build your intranet, planning the structure and scope of the intranet is next. The most important part of building an your Intranet is finding out what your staff needs. Having the latest technical gadgets or the fanciest graphics won't get your staff using the site on a regular basis. Having a site that is easy to navigate, saves time and makes work easier will be a success. Whether you decide on one of our standard intranet solutions, or want a completely customized solution, Bizgrok will work with you to build a site that works for you and your staff.


Contact the Bizgrok Web Design Team at design@bizgrok.com today & get started right away!

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