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What is web hosting?
Web Hosting is the housing, serving, and maintaining files for Web sites on a dedicated server with direct access to the Internet. A Web Server is a specially configured computer dedicated for hosting web sites and web files, not a home user's desltop. Web Hosting includes Domain Name Service (DNS). DNS is the Internet service that translates domain names into IP addresses. The Internet is based on IP addresses, not names. When a domain name is entered into your browser, or domain email is sent or received, a DNS service must translate the name into the corresponding IP address. Without domain name service, your domain email, or your web pages cannot be found on the Internet.

I don't have a domain yet, can Bizgrok help me?
Absolutely! Bizgrok is an TUCOWS Authorized Reseller and will help you find the right domain. Registering a new domain through Bizgrok, it is generally 24-72 hours from registration to activation.

How long before my domain is active?
If you are registering a new domain through Bizgrok, it is generally 24-72 hours from registration to activation.

Can I transfer existing web-hosting & domain service to you?
YES! Contact us at 860-373-0249 and we'll walk you through the process. (Transferring existing domains to Bizgrok for web hosting services can be initiated immediately by Bizgrok, but may also depend on your current provider's interface with Bizgrok. In general, transferring your web-hosting to Bizgrok will be accomplaished within 2-4 days.)

Can I transfer an existing domain registration to you?
Transferring your existing domain registration to Bizgrok will be intiated by Bizgrok within 24-48 hours. However, this process is different for each registrar, so it is best to discuss this with us before the process is initiated.

Does hosting come with domain email?
Bizgrok has a variety of web-hosting plans that include domain email accounts. Plans bring together a variety of web-hosting services in an affordable package. Our basic web-hosting plan includes 3 domain email accounts, or redirections. Additional email accounts may be added as needed. Bizgrok offers sizeable discounts to those requiring more than 10 domain email accounts.

With domain email, you gain a permanent address for your business regardless of your Internet service provider, your email or web host.

How much disk space do I need?
This varies depending on the volume and size of files uploaded to your disk space. Bizgrok's basic web-hosting plan includes 25 MB (25,000K) disk space - which is generally enough for informational or small business sites. Bizgrok designs sites efficiency and speed in mind as well as load time for viewers with less than high speed access.

Wiil I have access to web statistics?
Yes! Bizgrok provides basic web stats online FREE with all web hosting accounts. Higher level hosting accounts include advanced web stats. Advanced statistics may also be added to any web hosting account for an additional $10 per month.

What does "CGI" mean?
CGI access allows programmed scripts to run on your site. You may need this for certain types of interactivity on your web pages such as "fill in the blank" information forms. CGI-Bin access is not included in our basic web-hosting accounts, but may be added for additional charge. It's best to contact us via EMAIL SUPPORT to discuss whether you will need this service.

Does web hosting include dial-up internet access?
No. You will need local Internet access in order to reach our web servers to FTP your web files and retrieve email addressed to your domain. Bizgrok provides business-class Internet dial-up access.

Contact Us

For more information, please contact us sales@bizgrok.com or call us at 860-373-0249.

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