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Connecticut Foundation for Environmentally Safe Schools

Connecticut Foundation for Environmentally Safe Schools was created by Bizgrok for a non-profit organization hat is dedicated to ending pollution in Connecticut's classrooms. Formed by a former teacher and other school personnel and parents known this site is built to Web Accessibility and 508 guidelines and generally meets W3C-WAI Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 Level Double-A Conformance standards and has earned the right to display the "Bobby Approved" logos.

bobbylogo Bobby WorldWide Approved 508

Foundation for site expansion was built into the site design. Bizgrok provides promotion of the site through search engine submissions and banners such as the one below as well as others available at LINK TO US.

Connecticut Foundation for Environmentally Safe Schools

The Best Home Inspection LLC

This brochure-style site was completed for Dave Janis, owner of The Best Home Inspection LLC. Dave's schedule is a tough one, so one of our tasks was to collect and put together relevant information for Dave. Bizgrok created a logo for Dave, chose site colors and site design.

During the process, Bizgrok developed a detailed glossary for use on the site as our way of helping Dave enhance his site viewers experience. While development plans did not call for Web Accessibility or 508 guidelines, the site conforms to Level A standards. The site uses Cascading Stylesheets and validated XHTML 1.0 custom coding.

New London Main Street

After a couple years trying to make an ever-growing site more navigatible - while working around its original structure setup by volunteers several years ago, the New London Main Street Program (NLMS) began a complete design in late 2005. NLMS's web committee subcommittee spent many hours planning a new site that would better serve a large and growing body of information to the public, as well as choosing a logo, colors, photos, and other elements. Based on the parameters and graphics provided, Bizgrok created a new design from scratch, utilizing the latest standard Internet technologies. The new design not only ensures future flexibility, but also paves the way for new features that will enable NLMS to better serve both its members and the public at large. At present, Bizgrok provides all updates, graphics and edits photographs supplied by NLMS through the use of one of our site maintenance retainers for non-profits. Most updates are sent via email by NLMS staff and selected volunteers. Bizgrok provides periodic site review for search engine ranking and placement.


RUCK Systems®
Although they have never met, Bizgrok's designer has a pleasant and long-standing relationship with Rein Laak of RUCK Systems®. Over the last several years, we've designed the new site, updated and maintained it as well as providing regular search engine submissions. All additions and changes have arrived via email or snail mail - making the updating quick and affordable. RUCK Systems® has a Bizgrok site maintenance retainer and the RUCk updates are executed within 24-48 hours - and at a discount!

North East Digital Village Kids Club House

North East Digital Village (NEDV)
The Village is Bizgrok's personal dialup company with the site created with child safety and user-friendly goals in mind. A portal site, Bizgrok attempts to provide a wide-vareity of informational links and content to families and chidren, including the Weather Watch, Senior Square, Teen Street, Parents, Community Celebrations and Her Story. The Kids Club House serves as the home page for children that gives them ready access to child-safe links and information. NEDV adheres to and promotes all Internet Content Rating Association ICRA guidelines for online child safety. We supply info on current events and volunteering opportunites throughout CT. To have an event included, drop us a line at design@bizgrok.com. The NEDV site is constantly being updated, and all pages are being gradually being converted to comply with Web Accessibity Guidelines.

Believe You Can Fly

Believe You Can Fly (BYCF)
Originally designed for a start-up non-profit, Bizgrok now maintains the site as a service to students and their families in Connecticut. The site provides information on college preparation, scholarships and loans. Designed to accomodate growth, the site has the potential to expand as needed.


downtownnewlondon.org is designed to promote downtown New London businesses and tourism for Bizgrok's customers and non-profits working with Bizgrok. Targetted search engine submissions.

Greenes Books & Beans

The Greenes Books & Beans web site was a complete redesign and a real collabarative effort between the site owner, Nancy Greene and Bizgrok. Nancy supplied the photos and most of the basic graphics for Bizgrok to then edit for the web. All work and exchange of files, text and graphics was done via email, and during Nancy's "less busy" times. (Running a book store with her partner, Pat McElreath and building her Reiki practice takes up most Nancy's "normal business hours", so working on the site via email at "odd" hours worked well.)

The use of Cascading Stylesheets made the "back-and-forth" of getting the site colors just right easy. The site is developed with XHTML 1.0 and validated. A main-level menu with topic specific secondary menus are used to simplify navigation and to allow for site expansion over time.

Downcity Construction LLC

Downcity Construction LLC web site was built from the ground up mainly from email conversations and a draft document sent to Bizgrok Web Design by one of the owner. Bizgrok supplied the domain and the incidental graphics for this Basic Brochure site. With our designer's background in renovation and rehabilitation of historic homes, joining with the Downcity Construction team to build their first web site was a perfect match.

Bizgrok Web Design submitted the site to search engines and is looking forward to enhancing the site Downcity Construction develops the site with project photos and investment opportunity descriptions. With an entry-level web maintenance retainer included in this design contract and a structure designed for growth, future additions and enhancements will be easy and cost-effective.

DrugTest Inc

The DrugTest Inc web site began as a request from DrugTest Inc to make some changes and additions to some of the pages of their former site and for an overall "tweaking" with an eye to increasing search engine rankings. Once again, a short conversation and a couple email exchanges and we had all we needed. However, after reviewing the source code, it proved quicker to rebuilt the site coding from scratch rather than try to bring the old code into compliance with W3.org standards.

Once again, Bizgrok designer's background proved to be helpful in the redesign of this site. A social worker in her former life, JT was familiar with all aspects of drug testing and was able to use that knowledge to better present the content to the reader and for search engine ranking. In addition, JT developed a glossary specific to this field that was linked from the DrugTest Inc site as a bonus.

Connecticut Sexual Assault Crisis Services, Inc

Connecticut Sexual Assault Crisis Services, Inc (CONNSACS)
Involvement began with this site by doing a "temporary" overhaul to bring stability and consistency of design to the site as well as to perform some long-overdue updates. Site redesign was a lengthy process, involving several meetings with the agency committee assigned the task of developing a consenus around design and navigation. The agency took the approach of having selected staff responsible for different areas and overall design and content passing through the Executive Director's final approval. Most site graphics were created by Bizgrok's designer.

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