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H E L P  &  T E C H  S U P P O R T

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The Dark Side

Viruses, worms and the like are the bane of the good Netizen's existence. And, like some other ugly stuff, prolific and persistent. The best defense is to stay informed and pro-active - and install a reliable anti-virus program such as Norton Anti-Virus. The Virus Map below will led you to some good basic information at Trend Micro. Although we provide more detailed information for the worms listed below, we can do our best work for our customers when you email us directly at support@bizgrok.com.

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Dialup Access


Download Eudora

Bizgrok fully supports Eudora email client.
Download version 6 or 7 here.


The links below will give you lots of great explanations about spam & junk mail. Bizgrok absolutely has not, does not and will not allow, encourage, or tolerate spam in any form or shape, in fact, if we had a vote, we'd repeal oxygen rights to anyone who spams. Spam is not legal, it's not professional, it's not a worthwhile pursuit, it's not polite, it's not cute or sexy - in fact, it's about the worst &#$% thing you can do. It costs money and resources; it brings unsavory and unwanted ideas, words and pictures into homes. Spam takes a great way to communicate and share ideas and thoughts over any distance (email) and turns it to a most vile use. So if you are a spammer looking for an ISP - keep looking. If you are overloaded or overwhelmed by spam and need help, you've come to the right place. Bizgrok reduces up to 90% of spam at its servers. This means that you do not even see 70% of the Spam that exists and would come to your mailbox without Bizgrok's SPAM-FIGHTING efforts!


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Miscellaneous Help

Free Microsoft™ Product Support

Microsoft™ Product Instructions

Bizgrok has created "How-to" instructions and tips encompassing a variety of Microsoft® Products for your convenience. Bizgrok also offers customized training and training materials for you and your employees that begin at your current skill and knowledge levels and help you gain the level of competency you desire - at your pace.

Microsoft™ Product Tech Support

The links below will led you to free updates, patches and templates for Microsoft® Products including Word, Works, Office and Internet Explorer. (Links are not intended to imply a recommendation of the product or site.)

Disable MS Windows Picture and Fax Viewer

A zero-day exploit is out for a windows bug, and msie is vulnerable by default . . .
To disable Windows Picture and Fax Viewer, users should
Click on the Start menu
Select Run
Then enter "regsvr32 /u shimgvw.dll"
Click OK.

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May the Force Be with You

OK, Grasshopper - this is where you get the goods on fighting the good fight. If you need help, email our 'net Shaolin at support@bizgrok.com

Although we are making every effort to combat the effect of these worms, we need to ask for your help. We need you to patch your machines to reduce and hopefully eliminate the effects of these worms & others.

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