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Web's Impact on Marketing and Advertising

The Internet has become pervasive. Research tells us that three-quarters of computer users are willing to give up television to spend more time using their computers. It took 38 years for 50 million people to own a radio, and only 5 years for 50 million people to be on the Internet, and the numbers are increasing daily. There are compelling reasons why businesses market via the web:

  • Ads are updated quickly & cheaply
  • Ads reach a global community
  • Use of multi-media is common
  • More potential customers are using the Internet all the time
  • Most importantly, you can create a one to one marketing solution customized for each visitor.

From modest brochure-style sites to major Internet commerce, the use of the Internet and the world-wide web to inform, educate and sell services and products continues to expand. If your company or agency business & marketing plans do not include establishing, or updating and maintaining your web presence, it may be time to consider how your company will make the best use of this medium.

Potential customers are increasingly turning to the web to get information about a company before they make their first call or contact. Being accessible, and presenting a comprehensive and professional image on the web may make the difference between that customer walking into your store or supporting your organization rather than your competitor.

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